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Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte Will Continues To Serve Until 2023

Interview with newspaper Il fatto Quotidiano date 6/5, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte insists he will continue in office until the term ends in 2023 - VNA said.

The statement came amid Mr Conte was hit by ruling coalition parties after the government on May 4 decided to gradually lift the nationwide blockade to prevent the COVID-19 pandemic.

There are even rumors that Italy will have a united government to replace the current one. According to some opinions, the head of this united government could be a charismatic figure like former European Central Bank Governor (ECB) Mario Draghi.

However, Prime Minister Conte said Mr Draghi had never expressed his wish to hold the post of prime minister. The political parties in Italy are deeply in disagreement, it is difficult to establish a united government.

Some unnamed officials said Italian President Sergio Mattarella would conduct early elections if the incumbent government disintegrated. Under the constitution, Mr. Mattarella has the power to dissolve parliament to conduct elections, appoint prime ministers or consultations to form a new government.

Meanwhile, the Italian press also quoted unnamed officials as saying an early-due election could be held in September or October.

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