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Kendall Jenner: I Was Having Panic Attacks

In an interview with Kendall Jenner, she announced that she had panic attack crises.

World-renowned model Kendall Jenner, in an interview, revealed a detail that she did not know about herself.
Jenner said that he showed symptoms of anxiety at a young age and said that he was very scared when he first had a crisis:
"I really felt like I couldn't breathe and I ran to my mother. I said to her, Mom, I feel like I can't breathe. Something must be wrong. My mom took me to a group of doctors right away.” 
Jenner said that she took these emotions under control but her anxiety started again when his model career started to rise rapidly:
 “Maybe three years ago, four years ago, I was completely back and I was having a crazy panic attack. Finally I got the information I needed about this. "
The 24-year-old model now joins forces with Kenneth Cole for the Mental Health Coalition of fashion designers.

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