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Kogi State Rejects NCDC's COVID-19 Case Report

The government of Kogi state has according to reports rejected the government has rejected the 2 cases of COVID-19 reported in the state by NCDC.

On NCDC’s data which was released for Wednesday May 27th recorded 2 new cases for Kogi state, a state in Nigeria which was reportedly free of this virus.

However in a statement which was released the Kogi State Commissioner of Health, Saka Haruna Audu he revealed that the state government has developed a full testing capacity and has reportedly conducted hundreds of tests which results had come back negative, he also added that the Kogi state government will not be a part of any fictitious COVID-19 claims.

He emphasized that the state is still very much free of this virus, and that the government will not recognize any COVID-19 test which is conducted by any Kogite outside the state, except those which they have approved of and that any attempt to force the state to announce or confirmed such cases will be vehemently rejected.

He however pleaded with the residents of the state to continue to take all the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of the virus into the state. 

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