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Latin America: Over 300,000 virus infections

In Latin America, the number of SARS-CoV-2 cases is more than 300,000, while the number of deaths increases to about 16,000.

Brazil , the largest country in Latin America, is also the country most heavily affected by COVID-19 in the region, with 9,637 deaths (an increase of 449 cases from the previous day) and 141,088 infections (an increase of 5,395 cases). 

Earlier this week, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro said he believed the worst was over, but the number of deaths continued to rise, and many health experts feared the worst. yet to come.

Meanwhile, the country with the highest COVID-19 mortality rate in the region is  Mexico . In the past 24 hours, Mexico recorded 1,982 infections and 257 deaths, bringing the total number of infections and deaths in the country to 29,616 and 2,961 respectively.

 It is also the day with the highest number of deaths since the outbreak of COVID-19 in the second-largest country in Latin America.

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