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LG Develops A Unique Dual-Screen Phone

LG is trying to innovate with its new phone line and the new LG Wing is a phone that can rotate in a T-shape. This is a very new and different idea, even for those with folding screens such as Galaxy Fold or Mate Xs.

After LG Velvet, this name means the design is as smooth as velvet, the next phone from Korean Technology Company has no official name but has leaked information called LG Wing. The design of this phone consists of two screens that overlap each other, opening at a 90-degree angle, T-shaped rotation, like a plane. 

Phone manufacturers are always bound by the shape of a smartphone that will always be rectangular, making displaying some content a little inconvenient. That's why manufacturers like Samsung are targeting foldable phones to expand screen space while other manufacturers like Microsoft and  LG are putting two screens on top of each other. 

With this design by LG, at least in some certain use cases such as the screen on the horizontal rotation but the lower screen still allows us to manipulate text fastest in vertical position. The horizontal screen also ensures we can do window split, multitasking.

This is considered an idea far beyond expectations and what LG is developing its smartphone chain. However, it is not known exactly when LG will turn this idea into reality and launch.

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