Louis Van Gaal: M.United Didn't Keep Its Promise To Me

Manchester United's former manager, Louis van Gaal, talked about what happened on the British team.

Dutch coach Louis van Gaal, who served in Manchester United in the 2014-15 and 2015-16 seasons, shared his memories and thoughts about that period of service.

Van Gaal, who runs giant clubs like Bayern Munich and Barcelona in his career and won the Champions League, La Liga and Bundesliga, said that:
"I still have positive thoughts about that period. Actually, if you were put in front of a door, you should be unhappy. However, Manchester United was my second chance. Despite all his disappointments, I won the Federation Cup in Manchester United. Being a manager at Manchester United is my career's greatest success." 

"Manchester United could not keep its promises in the last stage. The club owners and the board supported my vision. I told them my vision, we discussed the details. I did these in Bayern Munich and Barcelona. I am not presenting my technical ideas on how management should be.”

"But I would like to discuss and explain everything before I do it. They had promised me Financial resources for my vision and even support they accepted my visions. However, they could not keep their promises." 

"there was no staff in quality to become champions in Manchester United. Many of the players prime age had passed. They hadplayers who are above 35 years of age I told them, We need to build a new team and we have also made the following players it. I was at a different point, and the management was completely different. As a coach, I had to push the boundaries. In the world's richest club, there shouldn't have been such a staff." 

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