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Madonna Says She Has Had COVID-19

Madonna said she had Covid-19 seven weeks ago while touring in France, but at that time thought she had the usual flu. 

On the morning of 6/5, on her Instagram page, pop superstar Madonna confirmed Covid-19 infection. Five days ago, the singer was tested positive for antibodies to the Corona virus but now revealed that she was infected. This is the information that made the world showbiz stir and worry.

Madonna revealed more clearly about her schedule on Instagram. The superstar said he contracted Covid-19 during his last concert in Paris more than 7 weeks ago. There have been many artists from the ekip participating in this "Madame X" tour. 

When infected, everyone only thinks they have a severe cold. Madonna added:
 "Thank God for we are very healthy now."

Madonna said she had to cancel two shows on March 10 and 11 because of a ban on the gathering of more than 1,000 people when the French Covid-19 pandemic broke out. Currently, the singer confirmed that she was not sick or sick.

In the post, Madonna expressed her tough spirit when she declared that she was honored to contribute to the research and find cures. Madonna and senior world leaders jointly donated $ 8 billion (184 trillion) for research and development of a vaccine against the epidemic, among which, the superstar donated $ 1.1 million for this activity.
Madonna said:

"I am very grateful to be able to contribute to the research support to find the cure for Covid-19. Now I am cured." 
This makes fans extremely worried. Even so, Madonna was still humorous, optimistic and also said:
 "will drive a car on the road to breathe the air, even though the air has Covid-19".

Not only Madonna, many of her close friends were infected with the corona virus, including three who died. Therefore, Madonna always urges people to stay at home, take care of their health and try to overcome the pandemic.

During the period of social separation, every day, Madonna taught her children lessons, organized dance classes and sings at home. The singer always updates her activities on her personal page.

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