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Malaysia: A 9-year-old female student made more than 100 protective clothes to support the COVID-19 epidemic

Nur Afia Qistina Zamzuri (9 years old) from Malaysia herself made more than 100 medical protective suits to support and support the frontline doctors against COVID-19.

The COVID-19 epidemic is complicated in many countries around the world, including Malaysia. In order to support the fight against the disease, Nur Afia Qistina Zamzuri (9 years old, living in the town of Kuala Pilah), has her own way.

According to Reuters news agency, since the age of 5, she has learned sewing from her mother. Now, every day, Nur Afia Qistina Zamzuri can sew 4 sets of medical protective clothing. She sews in her spare time, sometimes during the breaks of online lessons during the translation season.

"The epidemic was so bad, I told my mom I wanted to do something meaningful. Early in the morning I sewed before every lesson. At the end of each class I started my job."
 schoolgirl 9 age share.

In response to the call for sewing protective equipment from local hospitals, since the beginning of March, Nur Afia Qistina Zamzuri has voluntarily participated in and sewed a total of 130 protective suits to support the two hospitals. near the house.

Hasnah, her mother, said her daughter was motivated and tried a lot more when she saw photos of doctors wearing protective gear made by her own hands. Many people admired her kind heart and her goodness.

"I think a 9-year-old child who can sew hundreds of protective suits is very proud. It's not easy to make a protective suit. And it's even harder for a little girl." 

a Local education staff said.

It is expected that, within this month, Nur Afia Qistina Zamzuri will be able to sew 60 more protective suits to support the frontline doctors to combat the epidemic.

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