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Man Slumps And Dies After Observing Eid Prayers In Kano

According to reports a man had slumped and died at the spot after observing the eid-il-fitr prayer in Unguwar Sharada, Kano State.

He had reportedly slumped shortly after he performed the two Rakat (units) of the eid prayer in Kano state.

According to reports he is from an area in the state called Kofar Dan Agundi which had observed the prayer in Sharada. 

A source told Vanguard that: 
"We don’t know his name, address, and his place of work among other details.”

"What we know is that he is from Kofar Dan Agundi but he came to observe the prayer in Sharada. He collapsed after the eid prayer was observed.”

"His relation and Hisbah evacuated his corpse. They took him back to Kofar Dan Agundi where his burial rites were conducted."

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