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Many European Countries Have No Plans To Open The Borders Yet

In an effort to avoid the second wave of infection of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Spanish government plans to continue closing the border through July. The quarantine measures will expire on May 24, when the emergency is over.

In France, Interior Minister Christophe Castaner said on Thursday that the country would maintain border controls with Germany until June 15, despite some easing to support daily life. of people who often have to cross the border.

Austrian Prime Minister Sebastian Kurz said there were no plans to reopen the border with Italy now. However, the Austrian government will ease traffic restrictions from May 15 and lift border controls with Germany from June 15.

Meanwhile, the European Union (EU) is urging governments to consider economic and social and health factors when considering reopening the border.

Specifically, the EU proposes a 3-stage approach, starting with the current situation when most unnecessary cross-border movement is prohibited.

In the next phase, the EU wants to lift restrictions on borders between countries and regions, where health is improving.

The final stage is that all border control activities to prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-2 virus will be lifted and allowed to travel throughout Europe.

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