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Microsoft To Use Artificial Intelligence Instead Of News Editors

Technology Company Microsoft will be making use of an artificial intelligence program for news selection instead of journalists who run it for its website MSN.

Recently, many companies have been working on artificial intelligence technologies. However, this may cause many employees to lose their jobs in the future.

Microsoft plans to make the selection of news, headlines, and photos from various media outlets run by journalists to artificial intelligence programs.
"Like other companies, we are regularly reviewing our business." 
Microsoft said in a statement.
“This may result in more investment in some places, and some reorganization from time to time. These decisions are not the result of the current epidemic." 
The company, like other technology companies, pays news organizations to use its content on the website. It also works with journalists to decide on the selection of these news and how to present them.

It is stated that with the decision of Microsoft, 50 contracted news producers will lose their jobs by the end of June, 2020, while the full-time team will continue to work.
"It is upsetting to think that the machines will take our place, but there is nothing we can do.”
One of these producers told news reporters.
Some journalists who lost their jobs also warned that artificial intelligence may not fully understand the editorial guidelines and put inappropriate news on the site.

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