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Missing Twin Found Dead Inside Co-Tenant’s Car In Ekiti

The body of a missing twin was found inside the vehicle that is owned by a neighbor in Ekiti state’s capital around Olujoda area of Ado-Ekiti.

The body of the missing child, Olagoke Morire, 7 years old was discovered today 15th May. The child had gone missing and was found in their neighbor’s car with her whole body peeled off.

The deceased child and her twin sister were both with their cousin in their apartment when according to reports were reported missing when they went out to buy biscuits at around 1:15pm.

When they had reached downstairs the other twin remembered she had forgotten to take her money with her, she had hurried to upstairs to take the money and when she returned she was not able to find her twin sister.

According to their mother, Kehinde Ajayi the twin sister and other neighbors had raised an alarm immediately, which had warranted a search which had yielded no positive report till around 8pm same day when her already peeled body was found inside their neighbors vehicle which was parked inside the compound.

The mother of the Twins said that:
 “When we woke up in the morning I took care of my children as usual. They are twins. I gave them money to buy biscuits and left them in the house with my cousin.”“Suddenly, I received a distress call from one of my neighbors around 3 pm that Morire was missing and that they have searched everywhere but they could find her. I quickly left what I was doing and rushed home. We searched everywhere to look for her yet we didn’t find her. We reported the incident to Ologede Police Division and we were told to wait for 24hrs before they could take any action.”“It was later around 8 pm that someone discovered her corpse inside a vehicle parked in our compound with her body peeled off. When contacted, the Ekiti State Police Public Relation Officer, Abutu Sunday, confirmed the incident, describing it as unfortunate and an autopsy would be conducted to unravel the cause of the girl’s death.”

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