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More Than 100 People Became Infected With COVID-19 After Attending Frankfurt Church In Germany

At least 107 cases have been confirmed to have been infected with corona virus after attending rites in a church in Frankfurt, the financial center of Germany, on May 10, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The Wall Street Journal reported that German officials reported 107 cases after the May 10 gatherings at the Christian Baptist Evangelical Church in the city, although church officials confirmed the directions leads social distance is maintained.

This has raised concerns that the outbreak of COVID-19 could re-emerge in Germany when the blockade orders were eased. This implies that compliance with measures of social distance and hygiene is not enough if people start to gather in large numbers. 

Once again we have to be vigilant and not to be careless, said Kai Klose, Health Minister of Hesse. "The virus is still there and can spread."

The number of people infected with the virus at the Christian Baptist Protestant Church has increased significantly since May 23, when Mr. Rene Gottschalk, head of the Frankfurt Health Office, announced that about 40 people were positive after returning from church.

The German churches were allowed to reopen in early May, but services at the Christian Baptist Evangelical Church where disease outbreaks have been monitored will be canceled in the near future.

As of May 25, Germany recorded 180,328 cases, the 8th highest in the world, with 8,283 deaths from corona virus.

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