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More Than 200 Million Africans May Be Infected With COVID-19

This is the result of a study by African experts from the World Health Organization (WHO), published in the journal BMJ Global Health on 15/5.

According to the study, corona virus can infect about 231 million people (22% of the African population) within 12 months, about 88% with little or no symptoms.

Of these, an estimated 4.6 million people are hospitalized, of which 140,000 are serious and 89,000 will be seriously ill. The death toll could reach 150,000 people unless urgent actions are taken.

The authors predict that the infection rate in Africa is still lower than in other places such as Europe and the US, the number of critical cases and deaths is also lower.

Predictions are made in consideration of the "set of factors" such as family size, population density, easy mobility, sanitation, weather and people's health status, such as suffer from HIV diseases, tuberculosis, malaria and malnutrition.

Although African countries have taken anti-epidemic measures quickly, health systems can still be overwhelmed. 

The authors of the study stressed that:

"Our research model shows that the risk to the health system will increase if the anti-epidemic measures fail." 

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