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Mr. Trump congratulated his daughter graduating from the university: 'what a father needs is a family lawyer'

On May 20, President Donald Trump tweeted his youngest daughter, Tiffany, from Georgetown Law School and joked that having a family lawyer "is exactly what he needs."

“Congratulations, daughter, Tiffany, about your graduation from Georgetown Law University. Great students, great schools. What dad needs is a family lawyer. Proud of you, Tiff!”
President Donald Trump wrote on Twitter.

Tiffany Trump, President Trump's daughter and second wife graduated from the University on May 18 in an online ceremony.

Tiffany's mother, Marla Maples, shared a long video on Instagram on May 19 to congratulate her daughter and revealed that while she was at school, there were times when Tiffany didn't sleep for days. 

Lara Trump, Eric Trump's wife - Tiffany's sister-in-law, also posted a congratulations to Tiffany on Instagram. 

On the day of the graduation ceremony, Tiffany also shared on Instagram the graduation video and wrote: 
“Congratulations on my Georgetown law class in 2020! We did it. We're Georgetown lawyers now! ” 
Tiffany did not reveal what she plans to graduate after she graduated. But before that, in 2016, in an interview with ABC, before the US Presidential election and shortly after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania - the school Donald Trump attended, Tiffany said she was interested in Trump family's involvement in the real estate and hotel business.

Tiffany lived in an off-campus apartment in Washington while attending school. She is regularly present at the White House, mainly for family events. However, she rarely appears publicly as Donald Trump's three oldest children are Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump and Eric Trump.

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