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Mr. Trump: 'Leftist extremists' are comprehensively manipulating Facebook, Google, Instagram

On Twitter, President Donald Trump recently criticized popular social networking sites, claiming they were controlled by 'leftist extremists'.

"The Leftist Left is now in full control and control over social networks Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google."
 Trump shared the Twitter status line on May 16. The Trump administration is working hard to remedy this illegal situation.

Last year, the Trump administration also launched a survey asking people to share their experiences of censored experiences on various social networking platforms.
At the time, he also accused Twitter, Facebook and Google of bias against those who favored traditional or conservative views.

Trump's tweet came shortly after leaking information that state and federal regulators in the U.S. are preparing to file an antitrust suit against Google, accusing the tech giant. This abuse of its dominance in the search and online advertising market to crowd out competitors to increase profits.

According to a report published in The Wall Street Journal a day earlier, a lawsuit against Google is being prepared by the US Department of Justice and state prosecutors.

The Justice Department could file as early as the summer, while Texas State Attorney Ken Paxton could act in the fall, along with his colleagues in other states, according to the newspaper.

US Attorney General (Attorney General) William Barr has previously said he is deciding whether to pursue an antitrust suit next summer. Last September, Texas and other states announced they were reviewing Google business practices.

In a related development, in August last year, a former Google employee named Zach Vohries publicly documents disclose operational information censorship and bias against President Donald Trump as well as the website support Household traditional or conservative views.

As a conservative, President Trump is one of the censored top targets that Google doesn't want him to hold the presidency for another term.

Facebook & Instagram
However, there has been no word on whether Facebook could be sued over antitrust issues.

Some critics have pointed out Facebook's acquisitions of Instagram and WhatsApp need to be questioned.

These popular messaging platforms are among 70 businesses acquired and merged by Facebook in 15 years of operation, giving the technology giant what critics say is a huge market strength giant allows it to quell competition from any other opponent.

On May 14, a report emerged that Facebook had created a "privacy committee" made of board members - part of its $ 5 billion deal with the Federal Trade Commission. The US followed the Cambridge Analytical data scandal.

Committee members will be responsible for monitoring the risks related to privacy and data usage, Business Insider reports.

Under a $ 5 billion historic deal announced in July last year, Facebook will have to strengthen user privacy protection after the Cambridge Analytical scandal, in which the personal data of millions of network users This society was stolen ahead of the 2016 US presidential election.

Now they must provide quarterly detailed reports on compliance and set up an independent monitoring board.
Last week, Facebook announced the first 20 members of the new Board of Supervisors - an independent body that will have the final say on the content allowed to be circulated on both platforms Facebook and Instagram.

First announced last year, the council will be able to override Facebook's decisions on content censorship, and individuals who disagree with Facebook's content decisions will also have the right to appeal to Facebook board. 

Last July, Mr. Trump called for Congress to pass laws governing social networks. In particular, he pointed to Twitter, saying that the social networking site should be penalized for participating in 'potential illegal activities' by preventing his Twitter account from gathering new followers.

“Look at Twitter, I have millions of followers on Twitter and this is - you know, one very powerful right hand of mine. This is a great social networking site. But they treated me unfairly.”
Mr. Trump said:
“And I know for a fact that, I mean, a lot of people try to follow me and it's very difficult. I was approached and shared by many people, 'Sir, this is very difficult. It is very difficult to follow Him. What they are doing is wrong, even illegal. So a lot of them are currently being considered. ”

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