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NATO Members Affirmed That The Open Sky Treaty Is Still Active

ANSA said on May 22 that Italy and its member countries of the European Union (EU) in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) expressed regret about the US government's decision to withdraw from the treaty. 

The Open Sky, at the same time, these countries insist the treaty is still operational.
In a statement, the countries said:
“We regret that the US Government announced its intention to withdraw from the Open Skies Treaty, although we shared concerns about the implementation of the clause of the treaty from Russia.”
The statement asserted:
"It is an important factor and we will continue to implement the treaty."
As the treaty provides clear value on arms control mechanisms and security cooperation. The statement stated:
"We reiterate that the treaty is still active and useful."
Meanwhile, conflicting views within the United States came after US President Donald Trump announced that he would withdraw from the treaty.

News agency Bloomberg published an article shows, the opposition in the US have expressed outrage with this decision, as this is the second time President Trump withdraw from an arms control agreement.
"This is a short-sighted move when Mr. Trump withdrew from the agreement involving many of our close allies."
The former US Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power said.

While former US Central Intelligence Agency Director Michael Hayden also said it was an "insane act".

However, the author of the article on Bloomberg said that President Trump's actions are right. The author asserted that Russia often violated this agreement and thereby discredited treaties around the world, so the US withdrawal from the treaty is not surprising.

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