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Nelson Teich Has Just Resigned As Brazilian Health Minister After A Huge Disagreement With The President Jair Bolsonaro

Nelson Teich has just resigned as Brazilian Health Minister (Image: Getty)

Disagreeing with the president over the COVID-19 epidemic, the Brazilian Health Minister resigned.

News agency Reuters said, 15/5, Health Minister Nelson Teich Barsil filed for resignation after less than a month in office. This decision worsened the COVID-19 crisis in the country.

Minister Teich is said to have had a great deal of disagreement with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro over how to deal with the crisis. Teich opposes the president's push to use Hydroxychloroquine to treat patients. The two also disagree on when to reopen the economy.

Last week, President Bolsonaro issued a decree to allow fitness centers, beauty and barber shops to reopen. However, the Minister Teich said that he was not consulted before the Brazilian leader decided.

Thus, Mr. Teich is the 2nd Health Minister to resign in Brazil at the time of COVID-19 pandemic. He replaced former Minister Nelson Mandetta, who also had a lot of disagreements with President Bolsonaro in the handling of crisis.

Brazil is now considered a hot spot for the world's COVID-19 epidemic. The country has surpassed Germany and France in the number of cases with more than 200,000 cases, including 13,933 deaths.

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