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New York Auto Show Is Now Fully Canceled

It has been confirmed that they are pulling the plug on the New York Auto Show.

The show, which is usually held in April and usually draw a lot of crowd of over 1 million persons, had earlier been postponed to August due to the outbreak of the pandemic.

But authorities and organizers of this even has just revealed that it would not be able to meet up with the deadline that was earlier scheduled and that it is rather looking forward to reviewing the auto show in Spring, 2021.

The Javits Center which is the usual venue for the auto show is actually still in use as field hospital for COVID-19 patients. Although according to our sources no patients are currently been treated there still the convention will remain on standby mode in case of another future emergency.

As the reports have shown New York City is the most hit by the COVID-19 virus, the state has recorded more than 196,000 cases of the infection and 16, 000 deaths in record too.

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