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Niger State Extends Lockdown By Two Weeks Due To Increase In COVID-19 Cases

The Governor of Niger State, Governor Sani Bello has just revealed that he is extending the state’s containment, preventive and Emergency order against COVID-19 by 2 more weeks because of the increase in the number of new COVID-19 cases recorded in the state.

In a statement that was released by the Secretary to the Niger State Government and Chairman of the Niger State Task Force on COVID-19, Ahmed Ibrahim Matane revealed that the extension of the lockdown was as a result of the increase in number of confirmed cases in the state, and that this decision was also taken in order to protect the people of the state from further contracting this virus.

According to the statement the Governor of the state has also reminded the people of Niger state to continue to adhere to the safety protocols of the COVID-19 and remain at home as advised by health experts. 

It was also added that there will be no human or vehicular movements during this lockdown except for those who are on essential services and that the 3 days window periods of Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays will continue to remain in place.

Governor Bello also revealed that movement within the border areas will continue to remain restricted and also monitored and will only leave those on essential services to go through, also emphasizing that even those who are eligible to cross the boarders of the state will still be examined by medical personnel before entering the state. 

And according to the released reports all schools will remain close as well as other social activities which will involve more than 20 persons is also prohibited. 

Also the operations of commercial motorcycles in the state will remain banned while other commercial vehicles have been asked to abide by the guidelines of the Ministry of Transports. 

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