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Nigerian Man Who Schooled Abroad Shares Photos From His Zoom Graduation Ceremony

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the life and lifestyle of so many people in so many ways, especially the way they celebrate their achievements and happy moments.

So many events that were usually celebrated physically with loved ones is now been done virtually.

A Nigerian man who schooled laments that his graduation turned out different from the way he had imagined it to be. Instead of a graduation ceremony with all of his friends, course mates and relatives present, he had a graduation virtually on Zoom.

The graduate, his course mates and some staff of the school had to connect on a Zoom video call in order to hold the graduation ceremony.

After the Zoom graduation ceremony, he took some photos which he has shared on social media. 

Unfortunately he was not able to snap with his friends and course mates as other people normally do due to the pandemic

Sharing these photos from his graduation ceremony, he wrote: "Class of 2020 graduating......on Zoom."

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