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North Korea preparing to test intercontinental missiles

News agency Reuters , citing sources from the Center for Strategic and International Studies USA (CSIS), said North Korea is preparing a military base is capable of being used to test launch a ballistic missile intercontinental (ICBM ).

According to CSIS's satellite image, the new facility, called Sili, is located about 17 kilometers southwest of Pyongyang International Airport, about 442,300 square meters. The site is relatively close to ballistic missile component factories in the Pyongyang region.

The CSIS report shows that the facility has a building large enough to hold the Hwasong-15 intercontinental ballistic missile, meaning it can contain all known intercontinental ballistic missile variants. North Korea.

The Sili facility was built close to an underground facility also large enough to easily accommodate all North Korean ballistic missiles, along with the launchers and associated aids - CSIS for good.

The research center emphasizes, most likely, that the new facility was built by North Korea to test the Hwasong-15 intercontinental missile with a declared range of 12,000 km, capable of reaching US territory or Other missiles have similar characteristics.

The last time North Korea launched a missile was on April 14, when it fired several short-range anti-ship cruise missiles. ICBM missile tests have not been conducted due to an agreement reached between the country and the US.

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