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North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un Unexpectedly Reappears

North Korea's central news agency KCNA reported on May 24 that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un hosted a military meeting to discuss new policies to strengthen national nuclear capacity.

According to the KCNA, at the meeting, Mr. Kim emphasized the importance of "realizing the party's unified leadership" for the military and he also pointed out that the main issues that need to be sustained in operation, military and political action of the Korean armed forces, along with the duties and manner of implementation.

Mr Kim also signed seven orders related to military measures during the meeting, including measures aimed at strengthening the responsibility and role of major military educational institutions and reorganizing military command system and promote the rank of military commanders.

KCNA also said that Ri Pyong-chol, who was involved in North Korea's weapons development, was elected vice chairman of the Central Military Commission at the meeting.

KCNA did not specify when the meeting was held, but often reported on Kim's activities one day after the activities took place. The last time Kim hosted a meeting of the Central Military Commission of the Labor Party was in mid-December 2019.

The KCNA news marked the first appearance of leader Kim Jong-un after 3 weeks of absence. The last time he appeared, it fell on International Labor Day. Photos released by North Korean media said he visited a fertilizer factory.

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