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Pakistani Supermodel Killed In Plane Crash Carrying Nearly 100 People

According to Gulf Today, the Department of Health of Sindh Province (Pakistan) on May 23 announced two survivors out of 99 passengers on the PIA A320 flight, Zubair and Zafar Masood. Thus, supermodel Zara Abid died because she was among the passengers on this flight.

Earlier, on social media there were rumors that Zara Abid was killed in this accident. Former model Frieha Altaf was the first to report on Twitter, while designer Zain Khan expressed her regret to the Zara Abid family ahead of her tragedy.

However, Zara Abid's brother is still waiting for official information from the authorities, not wanting to believe in the catastrophic truth.
"They said nothing to us. I was at Jinnah Hospital, the emergency department, where they took all the victims. They said some people were taken to the emergency room, some were burned. They said nothing to us."
 He shared.

Zara Abid (28) is one of Pakistan's leading supermodels with a large following on her profile. In 2020, she successfully won the "Best Female Model of the Year" award at the Hum Style Awards.

The 28-year-old supermodel works with top designers and has recently invaded the movie industry with her main role in the movie "Chaudhry - The Martyr" coming to the audience. Reportedly, she returned to Lahore to attend her uncle's funeral and on her way back to Karachi when the plane crashed.

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