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President Trump Again Threatened To Abandon The Trade Deal With China

President Donald Trump once again referred to abandoning the first-phase trade deal reached with China in January, as more and more pressure wanted him to be tough on Beijing.

He mentioned this in a tweet targeting his opponent in the 2020 election, former vice president Joe Biden.

He wrote: 
"Nobody in the 50 years has ceded China to 'the sleepy Joe Biden." He drove but fell asleep. He gives them everything they want, including the trade deal that makes us miss. I will take it all back! ”
The tweet, published on July 25, is the latest sign that the U.S.-China trade agreement phase 1 is increasingly uncertain, amid additional pressure in Washington to punish China for the great deal. Translate. To date, the disease has killed about 100,000 people in the US, according to the South China Morning Post .

US lawmakers are also upset that Beijing last week announced a new security bill for Hong Kong, the toughest move from Beijing to directly control Hong Kong since the special zone was moved by Britain handover in 1997. 

This measure the autonomy of Hong Kong that China promised in the policy "one country, two regimes" when receiving back from England.

Two weeks ago, Mr. Trump said there was no possibility of renegotiating the trade deal.

The change began in the beginning of the month, when Trump first threatened to stop implementing the first-ever trade agreement if China failed to fulfill its promise to buy an additional  US $ 200 billion in US  goods and services.

China has bought more US agricultural products, but the purchase of other items is still lower than US expectations.

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