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President Trump: 'I Have Never Done Anything Wrong In My Mother's Eyes'.

President Trump sent wishes to mothers across the United States on Mother's Day and said his late mother had never seen him "do anything wrong".

“I have a great mother. I love my mother and she loves me very much."
President Trump said on Fox News" Fox & Friends "on May 8.
“My mother loves me very much. I have never done anything wrong, which is a big problem. Perhaps that is why I have had the results the way I have lived. I do not know. I have never done anything wrong in my mother's eyes.”
he shared.

In the interview, President Trump also talked about his wife, First Lady Melania.
"My mother is a wonderful woman, and Melania is a wonderful mother of Barron."
President Trump said when referring to his youngest son:
"Barron is growing up very nicely and she is a great mother of Barron."
When asked if he thought his mother would be surprised to know he was the President of the United States, he said he thought she would. His mother died in 2000 at the age of 88.

"I think any mother is the same. My mother is the person who gave me a lot of confidence and she trusted me, so is my father. I mean, he was a strong man, but he was a good man, a very good person, a very good person. And he always believed in me."

"I miss my parents."
Mr. Trump said and shared that being loved by his parents was a factor in helping him succeed in his career.

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