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President Trump Threatens To Close Social Networks

According to the Independent, on May 27, US President Donald Trump threatened to control or close social media companies that did not support his position.

Sharing on Twitter, Mr. Trump continues to accuse the technology platform of not maintaining an objective political viewpoint. The president asserted that Republicans found social media platforms to completely "silence" all voices from conservatives.

Trump warned the incumbent government to tightly control or shut down these platforms and require websites to immediately change. 
"Clean up your actions, immediately."

the US leader warned.
Trump's statement came after the social network Twitter first alerted two of the status lines that the White House boss posted on his personal page for readers to check the information.

In these tweets, referring to the postal voting plan influenced by the COVID-10 epidemic, President Trump said that this form of voting was "essentially a lie" and would lead to "election fraud."

Twitter's automatic warning has encouraged readers to verify the incident and link to a page containing "truth about postal voting". Twitter confirms this is the first time a security alert has been applied to a president's post.

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