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President Trump: WHO Has 30 Days To Improve Or Lose Funding Permanently

In a Mail to the Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO), US President Donald Trump urged WHO to improve "significantly" within 30 days, otherwise he will freeze all Funding to WHO permanently.

On the evening of May 18 (local time), US President Donald Trump sent a letter to the President of the World Health Organization Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (WHO). In the letter, the US leader emphasized that we have no time to waste.

"If WHO does not commit to significant improvements within the next 30 days, I will permanently freeze US funding and revise our membership."
 Trump wrote in the letter.
However, the letter did not specify what the WHO would have to do to keep the White House funding, because the letter did not specify what kind of reform the US government wanted to see.

President Trump said the only way out for WHO was to "prove its independence from China", citing the reason that WHO persevered in praising China despite allegations it hid.

This is not the first time Mr. Trump has made tough statements to WHO. In recent months, US leaders have often accused WHO of being "too close" to China and have reacted incorrectly to a pandemic. The United States suspended funding for WHO in April.

Earlier, on May 18, WHO Director-General Tedros said at the "earliest and appropriate" time, the organization would reevaluate its response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

WHO declared COVID-19 a global pandemic in March, when the disease spread to more than 100 countries. During the early months of the outbreak, WHO also said that the virus was not transmitted from person to person, it was not necessary to apply measures such as banning travel.

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