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The Reason Why Prime Minister Of Lesotho Thomas Thabane Resigned Two Years Earlier

Prime Minister Of Lesotho Thomas Thabane Resigned Two Years Earlier

On May 19, Prime Minister Lesotho Thomas Thabane (80) officially announced his resignation. Speaking on national television, Mr Thabane said it was time he "needed to leave office" even though he had not yet finished his term.

The announcement was made by the leader of Lesotho a week after his ruling coalition partners pulled out of the cabinet, paving the way for the formation of a coalition and the election of a new prime minister.

The Constitution of Lesotho provides that National Assembly Chairman Sephiri Motanyane will inform King Letsie III of his plans to form a new government, as well as appoint a new prime minister.

Expected Minister of Finance Lesotho Moeketsi Majoro will be sworn in, temporarily taking the position of prime minister. In the meantime, Mr. Thabane will continue to be the Chairman of the All-otho Treaty Party (ABC).

Mr. Thabane took over as Prime Minister in 2017, expected to end his term in 2022. Previously, he also served as Prime Minister from 2012-2015.

Recently, Prime Minister Thabane has faced increasing pressure. In it, there are allegations that he was involved in the death of his ex-wife in 2017. 

At the same time, the ruling coalition of his four parties also no longer receives support from major parties.

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