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Prisoners Take Prisoner Hostage In Brazil

News agency Reuters said the inmates at the prison Puraquequara Manaus, state of Amazonas (Brazil) on 2/5 rebelled and seized a number warden hostage, but clearly not the cause of the incident.

Local media posted a video related to the incident, allegedly returned by an unidentified inmate. In the video, the inmate complains about the heat, stuffiness and lack of electricity in the prison.

Local officials said the offenders were demanding the presence of the press and human rights groups. There have been no reports of casualties, while many police units have been mobilized and started negotiating with prisoners.
The incident occurred in the context of the city of Manaus struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic.

 The government had to bury many victims killed by disease in mass graves and warned of a lack of coffins.
This is not the first time a rebellion has occurred in Brazilian prisons as well as in Manaus. Last year, more than 50 prisoners were strangled or stabbed to death when rival gangs attacked each other in four local prisons.

Earlier, in a particularly violent case in Manaus, 57 prisoners were killed, some even beheaded and thrown over prison walls.

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