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Rooted Clubs Of France On The Verge Of Bankruptcy

In France, which ended the league by declaring the PSG champion due to the coronavirus epidemic, 3 rooted clubs Marseille, Bordeaux and Saint-Etienne confirmed that they are about to go bankrupt.

The French Ligue 1 clubs met with the French Football Federation and held a discussion about their financial situation.

In the country, it was learned that the publisher organization Canal + refused to make 200 million euro final payments due to the termination of the league before the deadlines. Upon this, the clubs decided to take loans with state guarantees. It is stated that the clubs will attract 224.5 million Euros with a state guarantee.

In the meeting, where many clubs accepted that they were on the verge of bankruptcy; Rooted clubs of French football, such as Marseille, Bordeaux and Saint-Etienne, also expressed their desire to explain bankruptcy.

According to calculations; Since the coronavirus pandemic began, the loss of Ligue 1 clubs has been 438 million euros. Some of the government-backed loans will use to cover this loss. However, these loans will also be controlled on where they are spent.

On the other hand, all of the French clubs have agreed with their players to both reduce and postpone wages.

Accordingly, some clubs, with salary cuts between 20 percent and 50 percent, conveyed to their players that they could not pay salaries until the coronavirus crisis ended.

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