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Russia arrested six Criminals, threatening to blow up a bank in Moscow

According to the TASS news agency (Russia), law enforcement officials arrested the criminals at the Alfa Bank branch in central Moscow and threatened to explode the headquarters.

TASS said a task force attacked the bank's headquarters and arrested the hostages. Thankfully, all the hostages are safe, no one was injured in this raid.

Earlier, on the evening of May 23, local media said six employees of the Alfa Bank branch in Moscow were held hostage. The attacker is believed to have brought explosive device, threatening to blow up this bank branch.

Upon receiving the news, the SOBR task force of the Russian National Guard was dispatched to the scene of the hostage arrest. Part of the Verknyaya Syromyatnicheskaya road, the area between Zemlyanoy Val and Suzdalsky Boulevard, the scene of the incident has been sealed off.

The kidnapper asked the Alfa Bank leadership for a large sum of money. According to the hostages later, the subject attacked and seized the bank alone, without accomplices.

This attacker is now in custody and will be investigated. Initial information indicates that this person is a food delivery worker and is having difficulties in life.

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