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Spain To Commemorate Victims Of COVID-19 Deaths

The Spanish government on May 26 announced it will hold a memorial for 10 days, starting from May 27, for nearly 30,000 deaths from COVID-19 acute respiratory infections in the country. 

Speaking at a press conference after the cabinet meeting, Spanish government spokesman Maria Jesus Montero said on the morning of the 10 days of memorial, all public buildings and naval ships would fly a flag.

The memorial phase will conclude with an official ceremony hosted by the head of state to commemorate the deaths of the COVID-19 respiratory tract epidemic, Maria affirmed
In addition, the spokesman said the Spanish Ministry of Finance will provide a loan of 14 billion euros ($ 15.36 billion) for the social security program to support costs related to the COVID- 19.

According to the official, the money not only helps to cover the social security costs related to the disease, but also helps to offset the reduced contributions due to the employee's time off work or job loss.

Statistics on the monitoring site show that Spain has recorded a total of 282,480 cases, including 26,837 deaths from COVID-19.

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