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Spotify, TikTok and iOS apps crashed due to a Facebook crash


Many popular applications on the iOS operating system such as Spotify, Tiktok, Tinder, Pinterest, are reported to be unusable by users. The reason is attributed to Facebook's software development toolkit, which allows the use of a Facebook account to log into the application.

Many users reflected that a series of applications on  iOS had trouble starting to use this morning. The issue started around 7am, Spotify, TikTok, Pinterest, Tinder and many other applications were affected, according to Downdetector.

These apps crashed because of an apparent problem with Facebook's software development kit (SDK) used to log into the application. Many developers have reported issues with the SDK in this series on GitHub .

"Earlier, a new Facebook update changed the feature, causing problems for many users in some applications using the Facebook iOS SDK. We identified the problem quickly and resolved it.  They I apologize for any inconvenience."

a Facebook spokesperson told  The Verge.

A source told  The Verge  that Facebook has disabled an SDK-enabled server configuration update to cause apps to crash. In GitHub, a Facebook engineer user said the company had reverted to the server-side change causing the problem and it took some time for the user to reuse normally.

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