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Stranded Nigerians In US To Pay N488,800 Before Evacuation – FG

The Nigerian Mission in US has just revealed the changes that has been made to the plans of evacuation of Nigerians from the US due to the impact of the pandemic.

In a statement which was issued on behalf of the Mission in US, the consultant-General of Nigeria in NYC has revealed that the earlier scheduled evacuation for May 10th has been shifted back to May 9th and that the flight number has also been changed from ET 509 to ET 8509, although by the same carrier which is Ethiopian Airlines.

The consultant-general had also added that not less than 700 Nigerians has registered for evacuation, which will be done in batches as the plane could only carry 270 persons, and that this would be done on first come first serve basis. And that the list that will be used for evacuation will be prioritized based on the immigration status of each passenger.

The statement also added that this prioritization will include the consideration of those who are stranded with proof of a short stay visas, returning students as well as elderly family members with children.

The statement also reads that those who were already booked on the other flight will be transferred to the ET 8509 and that the projected cost for the one way economy flight ticket back to Nigeria is between N488,800 to N639,200 per adult.

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