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Taking advantage of the position, the ally of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson resigned

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson (left) and Mr. Conor Burns

On May 4, the ally of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the State Councilor in charge of Trade Policy under the British Ministry of International Trade, Conor Burns announced his resignation on Twitter.

The statement was made by Mr. Burns after the investigation results showed that he used his position to intimidate people involved in family controversy. 

Earlier, a committee of standards of the British House of Representatives proposed to suspend him from operating in the House of Representatives for 7 days.

The Commission's report stated: 
"Mr. Burns took advantage of his position in parliament to intimidate a citizen to do as he pleases, in a dispute concerning the family's own interests."

According to Standards Commissioner Kathryn Stone, who conducted the investigation, Mr. Burns' actions have had a large impact, not merely violating the morality of a congressman.

News agency Bloomberg said, in 2019, Mr. Burns intervene in a dispute between his father with a company for the payment of debts. At the time, the congressman wrote a letter indicating that he could bring the matter to the House of Representatives.

Mr. Burns was an assistant to Prime Minister Boris Johnson when Mr. Johnson was holding the position of British Secretary of State. He also co-managed the Johson Conservative Party leadership campaign last year.

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