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Testing HIV Drugs To Treat COVID-19

An infectious disease doctor in Toronto is conducting clinical trials of an antiviral drug to treat HIV in Covid-19 patients, according to Reuters.

A synthetic drug called lopinavir / ritonavir is used to prevent HIV from developing into AIDS - acquired immune deficiency syndrome. Darrell Tan - doctor at St. Petersburg Hospital Michael in Toronto (Canada) - is the leader of the experiment.

Dr. Tan said in an interview:
"This drug has the ability to stop protease, it fights the virus by stopping the activity of an enzyme that the virus needs to grow - an important part of the virus's life cycle."
“By blocking it, I blocked the virus's ability to replicate itself. HIV is an example of a virus that protease plays a very important role in its life cycle, and so does the new corona virus."
Tan said previous studies showed the drug had some effect on new strains of corona virus in vitro. The study size was about 1,220 people and the results could be obtained as early as mid-July.

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