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The British Prime Minister Instructed To Make Plans To Stop Dependence On Chinese Imports

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson (photo: Foreign and Commonwealth Office / Flickr).

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has instructed British officials to plan to end dependence on important medical supplies from China as well as strategic import activities, Reuters quoted The Times as saying May 22.

The plan has been codenamed 'Project Defend', which ranges from identifying key gaps in the British economy to potentially hostile foreign governments. The plan is seen as part of a broader new approach to national security, The Times newspaper said. The leader of this plan is Secretary of State Dominic Raab.

Accordingly, two working groups have been established, Reuters cited The Times report. A source told The Times, a plan to diversify supplies so that the UK will no longer depend on individual countries for non-food supplies.

Mr. Johnson confirmed to lawmakers that he will take steps to protect the UK technology platform and the government also plans to reevaluate medical supplies, from personal protective equipment to medicine, the report said.

This development comes in the context of Beijing dealing with criticism from the international community about how they handle the corona virus outbreak that began in China and then spread to the rest of the world.

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