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The Cause Of The Pakistan Plane Crash

According to local officials, Reuters news agency said at least one passenger had survived a plane crash in Pakistan. Another source said at least 41 passengers were killed.

Earlier, the Airbus A320 passenger aircraft, PK 8303, of the Pakistani international airline, landed in a poor residential area of ​​Model Colony in Karachi.

According to a local government spokesman, the passenger who miraculously survived the disaster was a bank employee, named Zafar Mahmood.

Meanwhile, Pakistani aviation authorities officially announced the plane had an accident with 91 passengers and 8 crew members aboard. The total number of people present at the time of the accident was 99, not 107 as many previous sources have said.

Hospital director Jinnah said at least 17 bodies and six injured near the scene were taken to the hospital. 

However, it has not been able to verify whether the bodies were victims on the plane or people on the ground. There have been 5-6 houses destroyed in the incident.

Cause of the accident may be due to aircraft technical problems. A recording posted on shows the pilot of the aircraft informed the air traffic control unit that the engines had lost power, and issued an emergency signal before the plane crashed.

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