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The Champions League Will Return In August

If nothing changes, the world's most exciting football club level - the Champions League - will continue and end in August.

Due to the effects of the Covid-19 epidemic, the Champions League was suspended in March when the tournament was taking place in the eighth round. 

Currently, there are 4 teams that have identified in the quarterfinals: Atletico Madrid, PSG, Atalanta and RB Leipzig. Meanwhile, there are 4 pairs that have not played the return leg of the 1/8 round including: Bayern Munich - Chelsea (3-0), Barcelona - Napoli (1-1), Man City - Real Madrid (2-1) and Lyon - Juventus ( 1-0).

According to the latest information, it is likely that the rest of the Champions League will compete and finish within August.

Lyon Club President, Jean-Michel Aulas, revealed to RTL: 
"The match between Lyon and Juventus will take place on 7/8 at Torino, on the field without spectators."
The claim was made at a time when Lyon was appealing to the Ligue 1 organizers for canceling the 2019/2020 season before 10 rounds of the championship trophy for PSG. 

President Aulas' team lost the Champions League spot next season due to a poor 4 to 9 points. However, Lyon believes that there is still a chance if the season is completed with a full 38 rounds.

With the organization of the tournament in such a short span of time, the European Football Federation (UEFA) also considers plans for matches in the quarterfinals and semi-finals to play only 1 game.

Similar to the Champions League, the Europa League will also take place in August. Currently, the European second division has completed the first round of the round, except for the Inter Milan - Getafe pair.

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