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The EU Stopped Distributing 10 Million Chinese Masks Of Poor Quality

Lot of masks are made in China

The European Commission on May 14 announced to stop distributing 10 million Chinese masks to member countries and the UK, after the two countries complained about the quality of this shipment.

In an effort to resolve the Covid-19 crisis, the European Commission this month began distributing masks to health workers from European Union (EU) member states. All of the masks were bought from a Chinese supplier through an EU fund.

Just after the first batch of the 1.5 million masks was sent to 17 of the 27 EU member states and Britain, Polish Health Minister Lukasz Szumowski said that the 600,000 products it received were not certified by the EU. European and do not meet medical standards.

European Commission spokesman Stefan De Keersmaecker on May 14th said that:
"We have decided to stop distributing this mask. We will then consider the next steps we need to take if these masks really have a quality problem."
According to De Keersmaecker, another Dutch member state, also complained about the quality of Chinese masks.
He added that:
"Of course, we will take whatever legal action is needed."

He added that the European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety Stella Kyriakides warned the member countries about the quality of the masks they received, and asked countries to comment on the quality of their products. Products.

Mr. De Keersmaecker said:
“The most important thing is that personal protective equipment distributed by the European Commission must be of very high quality. It is a basic requirement because these equipment will be used by people and medical teams.”
The New York Post reported in early April that a Chinese customs official said the country had exported nearly 4 million masks since March 1. However, many countries have complained about the quality of masks and other Chinese medical devices, including Croatia, the Philippines, Turkey, Australia, Canada, Spain, the Netherlands, and India. , Finland, England, USA.

Recently, the United States withdrew the export licenses of dozens of masking companies in China, after discovering many N95 masks manufactured in this Asian country did not filter 95% of the microscopic dust particles standards set out.

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