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The main target of the USA is Huawei's HiSilicon chip unit

The US seems to have targeted Huawei's chip-making unit, HiSilicon, with a new step last week.

The tension between the US administration and the Chinese company Huawei has increased further these days.

In the past few days, US President Donald Trump had signed the decision that extended their ban on Huawei for another year. Later, the US administration announced that they also blocked the purchase of semiconductor chips using Huawei's US technology and software.

Having become the lead actor of China's dream of producing its own computer chips in a short time, Huawei's chip unit HiSilicon will not be able to reach the tools it needs for success after the US move.

HiSilicon, which has developed chips almost exclusively for Huawei, has remained in the background in the chip market dominated by the US, Korean and Japanese companies since it was founded in 2004. In addition, like all electronics companies, Huawei was dependent on other manufacturers on the chips it uses on their devices.

However, recent investments in the field of R&D have enabled HiSilicon to go the distance. The company, which has 7 thousand employees, has enabled Huawei to become an important player both in the global smartphone market and in the newly developing 5G network. Kirin processors developed by HiSilicon are seen at the same level as processors developed by Apple and Qualcomm. 

This is stated as one of the few examples that a Chinese company can compete globally in chip production.

HiSilicon is also one of the strengthening factors in the 5G field where Huawei is competing with the USA.

Huawei announced in March that 8 percent of the 50 thousand 5G base stations it sold in 2019 were manufactured using HiSilicon chipsets without using US technologies.
However, the U.S. plans to block Huawei's HiSilicon chip unit with new decisions.

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