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The Premier League Starts On June 17

It is stated that the English Premier League, which is shown as the best league in the world, will start on Wednesday, June 17.

After the Super League, another league in Europe decided to start the matches.

According to the news of The Telegraph; The 20 clubs in the Premier League decided to start the league again and set June 17 as the start.

Premier League clubs, which have determined the final preparations and protocols, have agreed to start and end the league on this date, unless there is an extraordinary situation.

On Wednesday, June 17, Sheffield United and Aston Villa will face Manchester City and Arsenal.

Premier League clubs will have a 3-week collective training period to start the league. After the 3-month break, all work will be done with great care to start the league in a healthy and trouble-free manner.

It was emphasized that the Premier League also benefits from the Bundesliga example in this regard.

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