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The Skin Color Of A Doctor Infected With Covid-19 Has Returned To Normal

Dr. Yi Fan's skin color returned to its normal state (left photo, May 9) compared to the previous skin discoloration (right photo, April 6). Photo: Sina 

Dr. Yi Fan, who had been discolored due to Covid-19 positive, was given the prophylactic antibiotic Polymyxin B by the medical team at Japan - China Friendship Hospital and his skin pigmentation condition will gradually recover. 

According to Chinese media reported earlier, Dr. Yi Fan and his colleague Hu Weifeng (both 42 years old) were infected with Covid-19 on January 18 while working at Wuhan Central Hospital. Both of them were in critical condition, were taken to Wuhan Lung Hospital and finally the Japan-China Friendship Hospital in Wuhan and a skin discoloration state, from white to brown. 

Recently, according to the Sina page, during a meeting in Beijing, Deputy Director of the Department of Active Treatment, Japan-China Friendship Hospital, Mr. Duan Jun informed about the situation of Dr. Yi Fan. He recovered, recovered and was discharged from the hospital. The male doctor's skin color also gradually returned to his previous color. 

The medical team here gave Mr. Yi Fan the use of Polymyxin B - a prophylactic antibiotic that can cause melasma and skin darkening because the doctor has a serious infection. However, representing this team, Mr. Duan Jun confirmed that the skin color will be gradually restored. 

Currently, Dr. Yi Fan is being monitored for health at home, and his skin is almost back to its original white color.
It is known that Dr. Yi Fan treated for 39 days at Japan - China Friendship Hospital with ECMO method (oxidation of the outer membrane of the body). 

Collective Hu Weifeng became more serious when bedridden for 99 days and his overall health was very weak. After two months of treatment, although the situation of the two people seemed to be better, the sudden change in their skin color made many people concerned and bewildered. 

The media also reported that both doctors were colleagues of the late Doctor Ly Van Luong - the first hero to raise a warning about the new Corona virus that causes the Covid-19 pneumonia. 

Currently, Dr. Yi Fan has been discharged from hospital but his colleague Hu Weifeng is still staying for further treatment. 

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