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The Trump Administration Will Partially Restore Funding To WHO

President Donald Trump listens to a reporter's question at a press conference

The Trump administration will soon resume part of the World Health Organization's (WHO) funding, a month after Trump announced that the United States would suspend funding for the organization.

On May 15, during the Fox News "Tucker Carlson" program, according to a draft of the five-page letter that the company received, President Donald Trump's administration will agree to fund China contributes to WHO. Tucker Carlson, the host said there was information that President Trump agreed or might have signed the letter, but it is not clear who convinced Mr. Trump to do this.   

A senior official in the Trump administration confirmed to Fox News that President Trump agreed with the plan outlined in the draft of the letter.

"Despite their shortcomings, I believe that WHO still has great potential and would like to see WHO working at this potential, especially in this global crisis." 
The letter said.
"That is why I decided that the United States would continue to cooperate and work with the World Health Organization," the letter said. "China owes the whole world a big debt, and they can start with a fair payment with WHO."
“If China increases its funding to WHO. The United States will weigh its contribution accordingly.”
The draft letter also calls for reform of WHO and argues that WHO and its Director General should be protected from political pressure related to public health decisions and participation in WHO meetings. In addition, the draft letter calls for a completely independent review of the origin of the virus as well as the WHO's deal with Covid-19.

According to Reuters, the United States is the largest donor of WHO, funding 400 million USD each year. If you come here, the United States only grants the amount that China contributes to WHO, the new annual US funding for WHO will be about one-tenth of $ 400 million, or about $ 40 million per year.

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