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The United States, Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom issued joint statements about Hong Kong

The governments of the United States, Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom issued a joint statement, expressing concern when China decided to impose national security laws in Hong Kong.

The statement said China's imposition of national security laws would undermine Hong Kong's autonomy and the system that helped Hong Kong prosper. 

The statement also said that China's decision conflicts with its international obligations under the legal binding principles of the China-UK Joint Declaration registered with the United Nations. The statement also said that China's national security laws would hinder the "one-country, two-regime" policy.

Protesters took to the streets in anger over the proposed national security law, which a senior legal source claimed would originate from Hong Kong's legal system. 

The United States, Britain, Australia, and Canada say that the world's focus on the Covid-19 pandemic requires trust in governments and international cooperation, but China's move is at risk to face the opposite effect.

These countries also called on the Chinese Government to work with the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government and the people of Hong Kong to find a mutually acceptable solution in accordance with China's international obligations, in its joint statement with the United Kingdom in UN records.

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