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The US Is Constantly Arresting Chinese-Origin Scientists

A former Chinese-American employee of Cleveland Hospital has been arrested for fraudulent federal benefits of up to $ 3.6 million. This is the third case in the newspaper since the beginning of this week.

Qing Wang, a Chinese-American doctor, was arrested for concealing relationships with Chinese organizations while receiving US government money for scientific research projects. This is the latest US move to prevent Chinese efforts to steal China's scientific and technological advances, the FBI said on Thursday.

The FBI stormed into Dr. Wang Wang's home in Shaker Heights, Ohio to arrest him on charges of perjury and fraud on Wednesday, according to Reuters.

Prosecutors said Wang received funding from the US National Institutes of Health without disclosing that he was acting president of the School of Technology and Life Sciences at the Chinese University of Science and Technology at the same time. Central of China. This is a violation of the terms of the grant, according to the prosecutor.

Prosecutors said Wang is a Chinese-American citizen, specializing in genetics and cardiovascular disease, has been working at Cleveland Hospital since 1997.
Eric Smith, head of the FBI police department in Cleveland said that:

“Dr. Wang violated the terms of federal government funding and concealed his position in China, even taking part in a large-scale scam model to avoid criminal conviction."

U.S. investigators say Chinese citizens and spies have long tried to steal American technology, from military equipment to medical research, but US agencies have only deployed a war. Large-scale epidemic to prevent Chinese espionage in the US in 2018.

The FBI accused Wang of being a member of the Thousand Talents Plan, a plan that, according to US officials, was created by the Chinese government to recruit individuals with access to technology or Foreign valuable data.

Investigators said that through Mr. Wang's participation in the Thousand Talents Plan, China provided $ 3 million in research funding to help improve facilities and operations at Chinese institutions, Quoc has contact with him.
Cleveland Hospital said it fired Mr. Wang after learning that he concealed his relationship with China.

This is the second arrest of the Chinese scientist but the third to be published in the newspaper since the beginning of the week.

On May 11, Professor Simon Ang from the University of Arkansas was also arrested for hiding ties with the Chinese government and Chinese universities while participating in NASA-funded projects.

Also on the day, Li Xiaojiang, a Chinese-American neurologist, pleaded guilty to hiding funds from the Chinese government and accepted a one-year probation. Li and his wife were American citizens at the time of being discovered.

The moves come as the US condemns China for plotting to steal US intellectual property, including information on developing a vaccine against COVID-19.

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