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The US Lists More Than 30 Chinese Companies That Have Been Blacklisted

The US Commerce Department on May 22 put 33 Chinese companies on the blacklist for helping Beijing monitor ethnic Uighurs or get involved in its military weapons of mass destruction program.

The Commerce Department said in a statement, seven companies and two organizations were punished for "complicity in human rights abuses in campaigns of repression, mass detention, forced labor and public surveillance high technology targeting minority Uighurs, "along with other groups, according to Reuters.

The remaining 24 companies, government organizations, and commercial entities on the US blacklist - known as the "Entity List" - are accused of assisting with the procurement of equipment for the Chinese military.

Punished companies mainly operate in the field of artificial intelligence and face recognition. This is a market for US chip companies like Nvidia and Intel, which have invested heavily.

Among the Chinese companies on the U.S. blacklist is NetPosa, one of China's most well-known artificial intelligence companies, which provides facial recognition devices to monitor Muslims in New Zealand. Cuong.

Technology firms CloudMinds and Qihoo360 have also been punished. CloudMinds - which operates a cloud service platform to run robots - was imposed sanctions last year for allegedly illegally transferring technology or technical information from the U.S. to its offices in Beijing.

The Commerce Department said the companies on the sanctions list would be restricted from buying US goods or some other products made in a third country but incorporating US technology or copyright.

The latest sanctions came after Beijing on May 22 announced its plans to impose Hong Kong's National Security Law.

The Trump administration made the same move in October 2019 when it listed 28 Chinese companies and security agencies on the list of punishments for engaging in human rights violations against ethnic people. Uyghur and other minority groups follow Islam in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region.

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