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The Us Officially Imposes Travel Restrictions On Brazil

US President Donald Trump on May 24 (local time) announced a suspension of entry into the US for any individual who has been in Brazil for 14 days.

President Trump's statement emphasized that, for U.S. interests, he decided to take action to restrict and suspend entry into the United States for immigrants or non-immigrants, all foreigners who already have in Brazil for 14 days before entering or seeking entry into the US.

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said the measure would help ensure foreign nationals already in Brazil do not become an additional source of infection in the United States. However, these new restrictions do not apply to trade flows between the US and Brazil.

Earlier on May 24, interviewed CBS News , US National Security Adviser Robert O'Brien expressed his hope that travel restrictions with Brazil would be temporary.

Robert O'Brien also said the White House would consider imposing travel restrictions on the entire Southern Hemisphere region on a country-by-country basis.

According to statistics of Johns Hopkins University, as of early this morning 25/5 (Hanoi time), Brazil has recorded more than 347,000 cases of infection, of which at least 22,000 people died from COVID-19.

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