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The US Secretary of State To Visit His Israeli Ally Next Week

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will arrive in Israel next week amid the Middle Eastern nation's efforts to accelerate the merger of settlements in the West Bank.
The US Department of State confirmed the information on May 8.

Pompeo "will discuss US and Israeli efforts to combat the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as regional security issues related to threats from Iran," the State Department spokesman said. US Morgan Ortagus said in a statement.

“The US commitment to Israel has never been stronger under the leadership of President Trump. The United States and Israel will face threats to the security and prosperity of the two nations together. In difficult times, we stand side by side with friends, and friends side by side with us.”

Pompeo said David Schenker, a senior State Department diplomat on Middle East issues, said that Pompeo made the trip "at the invitation of the Israeli government" to demonstrate the strong relationship between the two countries. in the context of global uncertainty about the pandemic.

"We are a close ally, I think it's very important."
Mr. Schenker told reporters.

According to Schenker, threats from Iran to Israel, the Middle East and beyond will be the main topic of conversation, as well as US concerns about Israel's trade with China.

he said that:
"Doing business with China is our concern with Israel and across the region. We often talk to our friends in Israel about the risks of doing business with China."

Pompeo's visit will coincide with the time the new government in Israel takes office, scheduled for May 13.

In addition to showing support for the new Israeli government, the US Secretary of State's visit this time was concerned by the public regarding Prime Minister Netanyahu's plans to promote the merging of some West Bank areas. 

Just before the US Secretary of State's visit, Israel had licensed the construction of 7,000 new settlements in the West Bank, facing fierce opposition from Palestine.
Referring to the US position regarding the plan to merge some areas in Israel's West Bank, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stressed that this is Israel's decision-making power.

"We are delighted that the new Israeli government was established after a long standstill. On the issue of the West Bank merger, Israel is the last to make a decision. It is Israel's decision-making authority and we will work closely with Israel on this issue.” 

Pompeo emphasized.

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